William Lockie, the pride of Hawick since 1874

Saturday, 07 October 2017

Located at the banks of the river Teviot, the people from William Lockie & Co Ltd have been maintaining their excellent standard of textile production for almost 150 years. As the pride of their origin town Hawick, Scotland, the people at Lockie devote themselves to their work. As a result, their costumers swear by the impeccable feel and durability of the garments produced. The origin for the greater part of the used materials is Australia, although some of their extra special fibres have a more exotic origin.

For as long as Shoes & Shirts has existed, William Lockie pullovers have been a part of our collection. The original crew-neck and v-neck lambswool models have proved over the decades to be not only vibrantly-coloured and well-cut, but also very durable and comfortable. Therefore, our customers have grown to be very fond of these products. In contrast to most other pullovers, the sleeve-to-shoulder attachment is more elaborate, adding to the durability. The elongated sleeve ends tend to be rolled over once, as shown on the right hand picture below. In this lambswool fabric, we also offer several colourful shades of sleeveless buttoned spencers.



Besides lambswool, we offer a nice variety of knitwear in different materials. Originating from Australia, we carry v-neck and turtle-neck models made from top tier merino wool. If you seek for a lightweight pullover with a breathable texture, this material is very suitable. From a special breed of lamb in the south of Australia, we offer v-neck models in geelong wool, a unique material with a delicate feel but a long-lasting structure. Ultimately, we stock pullovers made from the finest of wool materials. The much sought-after undercoat of the Chinese and Mongolian mountain goat, also known as cashmere. Our single-thread woven models provide a comfortable level of warmth, while remaining reasonably light and thin, so they can also be worn on spring of autumn days.


If you wish to take a look at the entire William Lockie collection on our webpage, you can do so here. Feel welcome to order your favourite model, or to visit our brick-and-mortar shop in Maastricht, Netherlands to lay your eyes on the beauty of the many colours and to try them on.