What sorts of shoes to wear in wintertime

Not only people themselves, but also their wardrobes have to adjust for the elements of nature. Especially during wintertime, we advise you to give your footwear choice a proper thought; if not, you might put your valued shoes to waste without even realising it. Click to read more!

When people look outside before heading out and notice rain of snowfall, they tend to pick a suitable weathercoat instead of, for instance, a woolen one. Also, most people would grab an umbrella, or even change their mode of transportation. But only rarely do people adapt their footwear to the circumstances outside.
The reason for this? We would not dare to say, but ignorance probably prevails in the lack of proper decision-making. Therefore, our specialized crew has put together a short advise about what materials to wear in the often rough circumstances wintertime so often creates. 


Throughout the year, calfskin is a popular, and, when polished correctly, beautiful material in terms of high-end footwear. Also in winter, wearing calfskin to the office or the rather formal occassions is perfectly fine. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions in some situations. In case of rain of snow, try to switch to a less vulnerable material, or pack a pair of overshoes in your briefcase or glove compartment. There is one circumstance when wearing fine calfskin footwear is definitely not recommended, which is after snowfall, when the streets and pavements are spreaded with salt. This substance can create nasty stains, usually with white marks on you shoes, and they are impossible to remove.

Our preferred picks: the featured Edward Green Galway boot in dark brown calfskin, with grain details and a smart rubber sole, the Crockett & Jones Swansea dark brown leather derby with Dainite sole, the Santoni Sella dark brown leather sneaker with rubber sole.


This material is known to be slightly less durable than calfskin, given the fact that cleaning and maintenance are only partially performable, but there are a few pros for wearing suede when the weather is tricky. For example; the salt spreading issue does not apply to this material. 

A quick brush after wearing and general good maintenace are usually the only necessary acts. In cases of rain of snowfall, we prefer wearing suede for the same reason. Generally, suede shoes make for a reliable everyday option.

Our preferred picks: the Crockett & Jones Westbourne in dark brown calf suede with a smart rubber City sole, the Tod's Polacco mid brown suede chukka boot with a comfortable rubber sole, the Church's Chicago double monk strap in mid brown suede with a subtle rubber sole.

Grain leather

The rugged and literally grainy structure of this leather makes for a perfect outdoor material. Although the pieces used might not differ so much in age from calfskin, the embossing of the material makes it less vulnerable and prone to scratches or rips. 

When maintained properly, shoes in grain leather are ideal for doing a stroll in the countryside, even in suboptimal weather conditions.

Our preferred picks: the Crockett & Jones Islay boot in dark brown Scotch Grain leather with a durable Dainite sole, the Bontoni Libertino grain leather oxford with a Gumlite rubber sole,

This material has quite a number of unique characteristics, which derive from the tanning process as well as the nature of the material, essentially the horn layer of old work horses' behinds. Given the fact that the structure is close to fiberless, water will have no ill effect on Shell Cordovan. 

Salt damage will also not be an issue, provided that each time your cordovan shoes get wet or dirty, you clean and wax them properly.

Our preferred picks: the Alden Chukka Boot in Color #8 Horween Shell Cordovan, the Alden Long Wing in Colour #8 Horween Shell Cordovan

We gladly stock footwear from Heschung, for a number of reasons. One of the most important ones is their Suportlo leather, which is double-tanned (mineral and vegetable). It not only makes for a supple piece of leather, but also it has the characteristic of being waterproof. 

As the imprints on the soles of their footwear, featuring a duck and a fish, imply, these shoes can handle the elements!

Our preferred pick: the Heschung Ginkgo in dark brown Suportlo leather with suede details and a rugged rubber sole.

Last but definitely not least; sole material

In each of the cases above, we advise you to pick a shoe that features a rubber sole when you plan to wear them in less than ideal circumstances. Naturally, no alternative can match the look and sound of a bark tanned leather sole. Rubber soles, especially the ones with a high percentage of natural rubber, are not only more durable in good weather conditions; in rainy, snowy or otherwise nasty weather, they are the only proper choice. Therefore, be sure to include this advise in your pick for appropriate seasonal footwear.

Have a look on our webshop for rubber-soled shoes, or any of the upper kinds mentioned above!

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