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Our Acqua di Parma collection consists primarily of the high-end fragrances that they became known for; however, we also stock additional products which are made to compliment these scents. Acqua di Parma is perhaps most known for their Colonia which is a fresh scent which has a top notes of lemon and citrus; however, such top notes are complimented with slightly floral heart notes such as lavender and rosemary and base notes of vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood. The result is a fragrance which is fresh but also complex which makes it an interesting fragrance to wear throughout the year. This fragrance is complimented by a Colonia deodorant, shaving cream and even full shaving brushes made with silver-tip badger hair and wenge wood. 

However, our Acqua di Parma is a lot more elaborate than the Colonia. The Colonia is the source of inspiration for many derivatives which take certain of the notes commonly found in the Colonia and they are either strengthened or slightly subdued, which results in fragrances which are seemingly comparable but which deliver a completely different experience. Such derivatives would be the Colonia Essenza, Colonia Intensa and the Colonia Club. Additionally, we also stock a selection of Acqua di Parma's Mediterraneo line, which are beautiful scents which are particularly suited to summer or for ladies. 

The absolute top of Acqua di Parma's collection would be the 'Signatures of the Sun' line. This line consists of a range of intense and lively fragrances that are created by combining aromatic and complex ingredients with Acqua di Parma's signature citrus notes. The result of combining such different notes is a line of truly sophisticated fragrances! 

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